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Discussion in 'Eligibility Questions' started by Syd, Apr 26, 2015.

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    I'm new to this site, so I'm still searching my way around and not sure if this is the proper page. I'm looking for advice and guidance for support for my husband. He's a vet and is diagnosed with Parkinson's and dementia. I've been working full time and taking care of him, but his disease is progressing. I can't do both much longer, but can't quit my job for financial reasons. Can anyone give me advice on how/if I can get financial assistance from the VA?
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    You first need to check to see if your husband's dates of service make him eligible for this particular pension. If so, then he would not to be paying someone to act as his caregiver in order to be able to show a financial need for the pension to help pay for that care. This pension is a "needs based" benefit.

    The other consideration is if your husband is not service-connected rated by the VA, then you should explore that as Parkinson's and Dementia are considered presumptive for those exposed to Agent Orange during service. If this is the case for him, you would want to explore which of these two would be the most beneficial.

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