finaly had interview with field examiner and now need some info please

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by johnblagg, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. johnblagg

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    The field agent did the interview and appointed me the fiduciary agent ....I was told to set up a account for the back pay and he sent a letter with approved expenses---- unfortunatly it does not include the cost for care it only lists utilities meds and groceries on it how am I supposed to pay the cartaker now?

    They sent the back pay and I have placed it into this account and when I called they say that all future funds will be deposited into this account and that I have to get approval for any funds used out of it from them so if it does not include the money we are spending for the person taking care of mom what now?
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    I would call the agent directly and ask about the care costs - if they were used in calculating the amount of the monthly payment it should not be a problem. Also it is usually expenses in excess of $1,000 that need approval.
    Good luck!
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    I have tryed and tryed to call but can get nothing but the dang voice mail for any number I call,doesnt matter if its his number or the benifit infor number he gave me or the case managers number ....and I have left messages with the issue and my number for them to call back but so far no response at all.

    I hate dealing with people that will not return a call.....especialy when its of this importance
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    Try calling mid-week and later in the day for a better shot at getting someone. Leaving a message will only leave you more frustrated. Don't leave a message, and just keep hitting redial. Sorry there is not shortcut.

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