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    I posted here several months ago and Debbie was kind enough to reply with some good information. Thank you Debbie.

    My father finally received a deposit this week in the bank for an amount which is a little confusing. After sending his case to St Paul, he spoke with an advocate who said his case was being finished up. His claim was approved back to February of 2011. Is the amount they first deposit the actual monthly pension times how many months you have been waiting, or are they going to send another payment later. He said he will be getting a letter in a few days-maybe that will explain the details.

    The numbers just didn't add up(income minus medical expenses subtracted from $2020).

    Anybody have experience with this process yet?

    Thank you
  2. vetadmin

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    Well, the good news is he got through the process and was approved.

    I am not clear on what you have as to the amount of the check he received, so can't really offer insights.
  3. Oldvet66

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    He got the letter today and it breaks everything down but it looks like they did not account for any medical expenses beyond their Medicare Part B premiums. They did include a medical expense report form with instructions. Is this how they determine what they will allow for medical expenses?

    They also included a form(21-0516-1) for filing for up to one year prior to date of claim along with a form(21-268) for his doctor to fill out. Is this worth filing for or is it going to take another 18 months like the original claim?

    Thank you for all of your help!
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    Based on what you are saying, I am still unclear as to the award. Why did they not allow for the medical expenses? Where does your Dad live?

    There is a missing piece here as to why they discounted his medical expenses.

    If they have given you the offer of the prior 12 months, then yes, you do want to file for that.
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    He lives in Nevada.

    Letter said he was approved for disability pension with aid and attendance. I guess the question that I have before I go over there and fill out the med expense form is are they going to allow for all medical expenses that he and my mom have, or is it just for caregiving expenses, of which he has none to speak of since my mom is the one who takes care of him.

    Mom is the one with the most medical expenses over the last year or so since she had breast cancer surgery,etc. and we were under the assumption that vet and spouse medical expenses are used to calculate monthly pension amount.

    Dad uses the VA for medical, so no actual expenses except transportation, etc.

    Appreciate your help!
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    Missed your reply on this.

    The question is did he file single or veteran with spouse?

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