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VA Field Agent Interview

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  1. ketchikan2000

    ketchikan2000 Newbie

    So when the VA field agent comes to interview my Mom and I for the fiduciary meeting will they tell my Mom she's been deemed incompetent? This could cause quite a stir with her as she has dementia in Alzheimer's. Some days she is so lucid that she fights with everyone she sees and other days she hardly speaks to anyone?
  2. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Don't worry about it. The VA goes off of what the Physician's Eval said, so if she has been professionally diagnosed, it is not an issue from the VA standpoint.

    They don't normally go into the specifics. The interview will be more directed to the person who is asking to be appointed as Fiduciary.

    Hope it goes smoothly for you.

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