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    Well, at long last, everything is in place for my mom. From the very start (they received her application on September 13, 2016) to now, it's been about 14 months.

    I included a timeline below so others can have an idea as to how long it took for everything that was fiduciary-related to be put in place.

    Mom was visited on 9/25/17 by the Florida Fiduciary Field Representative (working out of the NC hub). That rep described his meeting as a "brief respectful visit". I was visited on 10/30/17 by a separate Fiduciary Field Representative at my home in upstate NY. The visit took about 1 hour. This rep lives in Vermont, but works out of another hub, I think it was Indianapolis. Both reps were very nice, and I was impressed with how they handled things.

    On 11/17/17 I received the Fiduciary letter, and was able to take it to the bank the next day, a Saturday. That worked out well, as I didn't need to miss time from work. The bank faxed the form to the VA to authorize a direct deposit for the retroactive funds, and future monthly amounts. The form would have been processed by the VA on 11/20/17, a Monday.

    Her retroactive payment of approximately $9,200 was deposited in her fiduciary account on 11/29/17, which considering that we had Thanksgiving in-between, I thought was very good. I received a hard copy check of her monthly benefit right on time on December 1st. Apparently, once the direct deposit authorization is submitted, if they don't have enough time to change the monthly direct deposit to the new account, they send you a hard copy check. The monthly benefits after this will be directly deposited.

    I was told that because the retroactive payment was under $10,o00, that there was no yearly accounting forms required. That's not to say that the VA wouldn't ask for information about how the money was/is being used at a later time of their choosing.

    I keep basic files and a spreadsheet of all my mom's expenses because I've been responsible for getting her taxes done since 2012, and she has been able to deduct her medical expenses. I was able to use that information to customize it for what the VA needed to see during their visit. The Fiduciary Rep appreciated that prior to their visit, that everything was already organized, and if they had a question, I was able to pull the hard copy file of mom's bank statement, or other information as needed.

    So, I think we're all set now. Having the retroactive funds will certainly help out for several months until I have to start tapping into her remaining resources again, which has dwindled down now to just under $20,000.

    Thanks again to everyone for all of the help along the way! You can count us as another one of your success stories.
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    Fabulous news, @Deb K ! Congrats!
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    Great news! I have to say, I was able to probably break a record by getting it done in about 9 months for my brother. We were diligent in totalling up all of his expenses. This was the toughest part of the application process.
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