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Discussion in 'Share Your Personal Experience' started by LeslieL, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. LeslieL

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    We filed for our mother on October 1, 2010. She received notification on November 1, 2011 that she had been approved for benefits! We had to provide the same documents several times, but we were determined that we weren't going to give up! And it paid off. Like others, we too have referred many people to this website! We can't thank you enough!!!
  2. vetadmin

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    Congratulations, and so happy for you. I glad that the website and my efforts helped to get this ending for your Mom!

    Thanks for sharing the site, and please continue to do so.

    All the best!
  3. lclay

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    Leslie - I think I felt better that after a year your benefits were approved. I submitted for my mom in January 2011 and am still waiting for approval. The VA has not asked for additional information but everytime I call I get "we will submit an inquiry and you will hear in 5 to 7 business days" - which I generally do well after 7 days but it is just a form letter. On 10-25-11 the application moved to the final stage and I was told it would take 32 days - well it is past the 32 days so another inquiry was sent by the VA rep this morning. Is it the norm for an application to take this long?
  4. vetadmin

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    No, it should not take this long, and you need to contact the Senator or Congressperson for your Mom's state, and get them to do an inquiry on her behalf. I would also handle this today given the break for Christmas. No excuse for this.....NONE!
  5. lclay

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    I have thought of contacting my senator but wondered if it would do any good. At times I think the VA is waiting for my mom to die so they don't have to pay any benefits.
  6. vetadmin

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    The VA is required to respond to any type of congressional inquiry within 5 days, and at this point you need the leverage to push the application through. The VA does not take their sweet time for no reason. There is indeed a motive behind the delays.
  7. luvnmom

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    Unfortunately, in my mom's case, contacting our Congressman's office has been as frustrating as contacting the VA. The clerk in Rep. McKeown's office is nice enough, just not very informative. He supposedly has been getting the runaround from his VA liasion as well, with no update in regards to my mother's claim which is being processed in the St. Paul center.

    Out of curiosity Leslie, in your experience, does it normally take longer to process a claim for increased A&A benefits? We are at 6 months on a reopened claim due to an error on the original claim which she was approved for $99/month. We have asked for expedition due to hardship, but have heard nothing from the VA since September when we received one of those automated letters stating "sorry for the delay in processing"...

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