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How much detail about medical expenses do you include on form 21-526?

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  1. karen1

    karen1 Newbie

    I have two questions:
    1. The form 21-526 gives a limited number of lines to enter medical expenses. Does the VA expect to see month by month amounts for everything (like $93.50 listed 12 times for Medicare B) or do they want annualized numbers? The pull down on the form asks for a date. Can you overide it with something like "ALL"? Also, should I separate my father's and my mother's expenses and list Medicare B 24 times? Or should I attach additional sheets with lists of expenses or attach a spreadsheet with monthly figures for each of my parents? Also, if I use 21-8416 should I add pages for additional expenses?
    2. Can I add another 21-8416 for projected expenses? For instance, we are planning to aid aides on the weekend next year.

    This is the only confusing part of the process to me. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Max

    Max Hero Member

    you can just write monthly for each expense.

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