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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kaysuit, Sep 27, 2007.

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    My mother is a WWII veteran and is in a nursing home in TX. Her medicare entitlement will end shortly. I read somewhere that the VA will pay only $90 per month if the veteran is on medicaid. I am trying to determine if I should forego filing for medicaid and wait for a decision from the VA on the A&A application.

    She does not own a home but has a car. We placed her assests in a trust in 01/2007 and I am aware of the medicaid look back period. Her reduced monthly income is approximately $1200.

    I am leaning toward foregoing the medicaid process but would appeciate any guidance or suggestions. Thank you very much.
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    This is really a "grey" area and a lot of factors have to be considered to make the best decison based on your individual circumstances.

    We would recommend that you locate a good Elder Law firm who would be best to advise you on making the right decison for your mom.

    Sorry that we could not be of more assistance to you on this matter, and wish you the best.

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