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    My mother has dementia and now receives the maximum benefit as a spouse of a veteran. She is still owed 12 months worth of back payments. My sister had a meeting with the Fiduciary field examiner and he requested a breakdown of my mothers total expenses paid from her bank account for the past year i.e. utilities, food, clothing, etc. Is this normal? Why would this information matter? I thought her income and the cost for her medical and care giving was all the information that the VA needed.
  2. I think its pretty normal and nothing to be worried about. When I met with an examiner last July, I actually had brought 6 months of bank statements with me and had some receipts with me. He used that information to create a fiduciary budget for me to use as a guideline and for them to compare her expenses to when they do their annual accounting audits. My examiner was really laid back and made the process painless.

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