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    If you are applying for an Aid & Attendance pension, being appointed as a fiduciary might drag out the approval. In addition, it appears the VA will not roll back to the initial date of application for the pension, if you filed for fiduciary after the initial filing for the pension.

    In my case, I'm applying for a pension for my disabled brother. I had taken my brother many years ago to his bank and he signed for me to be the co-owner on his bank accounts. We did go to an attorney just previous to the bank and had a Dureable Power of Attorney set up, which gave me authority over all of my brothers finances.

    Considering I already had the financial oversight, I decided against the need to be his fiduciary on the VA pension.

    It might be easier for those assisting family members to do the same thing and avoid the VA fiduciary application.
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    Honor First,
    If the VA states that you have to appoint a fiduciary for the A&A benefit - there is not a way to avoid this. The VA does not recognize POA when it comes to the fiduciary process. If your brother wants/needs the retroactive funds, a fiduciary is necessary.
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