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Discussion in 'Fiduciary questions' started by Maven, May 19, 2017.

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    Received VA letter stating that my husband was approved as his mothers fiduciary yesterday.However no instructions were given other than how the bank account should be titled. We don't know what type of account this should be, checking, savings, other? I've read on this forum that no withdrawls or checks written on it are allowed.Are there instructions on this somewhere?

    The letter refers to an enclosure Form 21P-4703, there was no enclosure only the letter.

    Also letter lists Retroactive Funds Usage as "Cost of Care", no amount listed.We are waiting to receive over $2,000 in retroactive benefits, when my husband called the fiduciary hub they said they had no access to that information.

    Any suggestions on what to do next? Thanks
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    Your Fiduciary Investigator should have gone over that with him, but typically it is a checking account that has his (your husbands name) on it with Federal Fiduciary on it. The Fiduciary investigator should be your point of contact when needing more information about what to do. What FidHub are you out of? If Milwaukee I can give you a contact number.
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    Thanks for the feedback. Because we live outside the US we didn't have a Fiduciary Investigator, the interview was done by an officer of the US Embassy, who had no experience whatsoever in VA matters. Its the Lincoln Hub.
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