Fiduciary Appointment tips?

Discussion in 'Tips and Resources' started by Froggy, Mar 13, 2014.

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    We seem to be in the same boat as others regarding appointment of a Fiduciary due to finding of incompetancy following approval for A&A pension. Although there is scattered bits of info in various posts there doesn't seem to be a resource to guide caregivers about how the whole fiduciary process works, forms to fill out, questions to be prepared for when meeting with a field rep., veterans assets considerations, etc. I know each individual case is a little different, but a general posting with some guidelines and what to expect would be very useful to many of us now facing this process. Or maybe there's a website link that already has this information?
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    I am just starting this fiduciary process for my dad and I found this sight that was helpful to me. Don't know it if is all inclusive, but it might be a start:

    A knowledgeable lady at the VA office told me yesterday that it is taking almost a year (for my region - Colorado) before someone calls to meet with me regarding this process. She said that there are only TWO people (out of Utah) who cover our area, so we shall see.

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    This is true. There are not enough Field Agents to meet the demands for these interviews. Most of them cover a very large territory.

    If the lack of the back pay is creating a genuine "financial hardship", you can try appealing from that standpoint to get an interview sooner.

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