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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by caregiver48, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. caregiver48

    caregiver48 Newbie

    hi all
    i would just like to thank debbie and everyone on this forum for the valuable information offered . i had my interview with the field examiner about two weeks ago. all went well. i just received a letter yesterday saying i was appointed my mom's fiduciary. i had concerns about this because i had filed bankruptcy 10 years ago but he checked my credit report and all was well. i was honest and upfront about this. i know there had been other questions on this forum about i hope this helps. the field examiner was very nice and was willing to help me in any way. it only took four months from the time my mom was awarded A&A until the fiduciary meeting. i filled out all necessary paperwork and now i must set up the special checking account for my mom and send a voided check back to va. again....thanks to debbie and everyone who helped me get through this process...and for those still waiting for the fiduciary appointment...hang in there, it is worth it for your loved ones.
  2. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    AWESOME news, and boy, even better that it only took 4 months after the award.

    Couldn't be happier for you, and honored to be a part of the journey with you. Congratulations!!

    Keep up with all your receipts and expenses so you will be ready for next year with the EVR.
  3. nananorma

    nananorma Jr. Member

    I just want to say that I went to several banks before I could get one to set it up the way the VA wants it. Wells Fargo was awesome in setting it up. I tried Bank of America, Chase, American National...none would do it as the VA requested without a court order saying I was her "custodian".
  4. djbrown9

    djbrown9 Newbie

    I wish I had the same experience as caregiver48. My mom and I had our interviews with a field examiner two months
    ago and have not heard anything since. I am her power-of-attorney and the logical person to be her fiduciary. I have
    contacted the field examiner (he gave me his business card) and haven't received a response to my request for status.
    I just called the VA this week to ask how I can get status on the fiduciary appointment request, and they sent an email
    to the field examiner group asking them to contact me. Of course, I've heard nothing. Anyone have any advice? Thanks.
  5. stevem

    stevem Newbie

    I thought I was there finally. The field agent sent me a letter reqesting some info and I FAXed it to him in Waco, Tx office. He called me a few days later to set up a Monday interview and said everyhing looked good as far as he could see and gave me his cell number even. He called me Saturday and said he had to cancel Monday's appointment but it would be rescheduled asap. I didn't hear from anyone in a week so I called his number several times and got a recording to call an 888 number for further info. I called that number and talked to a very nice person who said he would call the Waco agent and follow up with an email. About 20 minutes later he called me and said the Waco agent was on "extended" leave and that Waco no longer had a field agent until one could be trained. I did ask if a person was in training and he said yes but training tales a while......... :mad:
  6. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    I believe you need to request an appointment with the nearest county's Field Agent, and state that it is unfair that you are being forced to wait while someone is in trainning, and the backlog for that county will only continue. Of course you need to use your manners and ask nicely so hopefully someone will assist you in making this happen.

    Keep us posted.
  7. bmaker

    bmaker Newbie

    I received my Mom's award letter (after seven months) and the first monthly payment has been deposited in her checking account as requested in her application. The letter advised that a determination of incompetence had been made, with which I have no problem. However, the letter advises that the accrued payments going back to the application date will not be made until a fiduciary is appointed.

    I am assuming (hoping?) that future monthly payments will be received in like manner. I am a bit uncertain on this point because the letter specifically states "...if on your application you requested that your benefits be sent to your bank account, we will not be honoring your request. In the future, any requests for direct deposit will be processed based on the request of your fiduciary." Does this mean that only the retroactive payments will be held pending appointment of the fiduciary, or did the VA somehow err in making the first monthly payment to my Mom's bank account?

    So I am going to submit a request that I be appointed fiduciary and that an interview with a field agent be scheduled as soon as possible. Any other advice at this point?
  8. stevem

    stevem Newbie

    Update on the saga... I got a call the other day from a field agent from El Paso who was "asked" to process all of the delinquent Waco fiduciary files. He was in Austin and asked to meet with me the next morning. I wasn't able to meet then so he asked if midnight would be better. I said midnight? He was serious and said he was booking appointments for any time a client could meet. I said wow, you really want these caught up don't you... Anyway, we met the next afternoon at my mothers ALF and completed all the forms he needed and he was a pleasure to meet with. He said everything looked good from his end and the process would be ending within a "few" weeks or months.

    Forms or info asked for was a photo id, itemized list of mothers monthly expenses and income sources, current bank account statements, two unrelated people to vouch for my character. I signed forms authorizing background and credit checks. All info was easy as I just sent the VA her yearly info last month.
  9. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Awesome, and so glad to hear the extent this guy was willing to go to in order to get files cleaned up. Sure wish everyone at the VA had his drive.

    You lucked out, and hopefully you will finally be through all of this soon.

    Thanks for sharing the document info for others.
  10. mommyvet

    mommyvet Newbie


    That's great news that you were appointed fiduciary :)


    I am still waiting to hear from the VA.

    What questions were you asked by the field representative?


  11. caregiver48

    caregiver48 Newbie

    during my interview i was asked mostly about my mother's monthly expenses. i provided them with how much she spends a month on utilites,groceries,insurance etc. i provided him with her latest bank statements. he asked how funds would be used and i told him for caregivers. he asked me to fill out fiduciary application and i provided social security number so a credit check could be done. they ask if u are a felon and also i had to provide the names of two character witnesses. he also visited with my mom for a few minutes and asked her a couple of questions.
  12. vetwife

    vetwife Full Member

    Thanks for posting your experience Caregiver 48. We are in the process of applying now for my husband.
    Korean war vet. I know he will be declared incompentent due to dementia. Your comments can help those of us who have not gone thru the process yet. It takes some of the mystery and worry out. I wish your mom well. :)
  13. stevem

    stevem Newbie

    The saga is finally over! :) I received the usual monthly check that is usually direct deposit via mail and a check for all back monies. I have to say that this process was frustrating most of the time because I am not use to waiting for "things" to happen that I have no control over. I think reading this forum everyday got me through it. Thank everyone for your questions, answers and general support. I also have to say that everytime I talked to a person from the VA I was very satisfied with their assistance. Even though they didn't tell me what I wanted to hear sometimes, they were very compasionate and understanding. Thank you again and for all you're doing.
  14. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Well congratulations for making it all the way through the process.

    I am glad that you found the forums helpful through this journey, and thanks for sharing your update!
  15. JohnLM326

    JohnLM326 Newbie

    I was appointed fiduciary back in Mid May 2012. I admit, I had to get a custodial bond and open a new fiduciary bank account and submit the information to VA. That was successfully completed.

    I faxed the custodial bond and sent the original custodial bond early June 2012. Everything that VA asked that I do as a fiduciary was documented as everything in as of June 19, 2012. I have been receiving checks for my father-n-law since December 2011, however the first check went into the new fiduciary bank account July 1, 2012.

    Again, I called the Pension Center in mid July 2012 and they told me that everything had been received that was requested and they did not see a reason why the retro payment had not been released for payment.

    I sent another letter to my Senator approximately 3 weeks ago - VA responded to my inquiry that was not correct. The response was one of those general letters dated back for March 2012 that was incorrect information.
    That date was before I was appointed fiduciary.

    Last Thursday, August 9, 2012, I spoke with a Pension Rep and he noted that the letter that was put in the file in response to the inquiry was not correct. He put in another inquiry to ask when the retro payments would be released. How should I handle this? This is so frustrating.

    In the news in June 2012, the news reported that VA had over one half million claims that they are working on.

    My father-n-law is 86 years old. This is ridiculous. He has a hardship and it seems as if I'm not getting the help and support. His claim was open back in April 2010.

    Should I contact the Senator again? I have a feeling they gave her office that same incorrect information.
  16. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Yes to contacting the Senator again. Make sure to provide them with all the information that is incorrect regarding the VA's response, so they will know what not to accept as an answer or update to the situation.
  17. JohnLM326

    JohnLM326 Newbie

    Hello Debbie,
    Again, I appreciate everything and what you have done. Do you know why VA would put a response letter like that in the file? If they looked at my file they would've seen that we were in the last stage, which is payment.
  18. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member


    You are welcome.

    To answer your question - 2 reasons. The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing, and to delay the payment.

    The longer they can hold on to it, the less likely they will have to pay it out.

    Their Fiduciary program is in shambles and under investigation, so not surprising someone would put an old document rather than the updated information.

    You do need to stress to the Senator the "financial hardship" that is being incurred due to the witholding of this back payment.

    Keep us posted, and good luck!
  19. Marp

    Marp Jr. Member

    Have you tried calling the fiduciary department?

    I went with my mom a couple weeks ago to her initial fiduciary appointment and the rep gave her a separate number for that department. Perhaps if you call them and tell them the retro funds haven't been released yet, they may be able to help; they don't release the funds, but they may be able to talk to someone.
  20. JohnLM326

    JohnLM326 Newbie

    I just called the fiduciary number, since I have not been getting any resolution to when the retro benefits would be released.

    She was very pleasant. I explained my situation and she told me that they now have a telephone number set aside for ONLY Congressional Complaints through VA. I called the number and she got my information. She knew the person that worked in my Senator's office for veterans complaints.

    This number just became available for Congressional Complaints through VA.

    Debiie, you are exactly right. Something is brewing at VA Pension/Fiduciary Offices.

    The lady that is handling these calls - Fiduciary Inquiry for Congressionals- she told me that she would get back with me in the morning on my case nd would know something at that time. I told her that all of his information was in and that we have been dealing with this process since April 2010 and that all of his paperwork has been in since mid June for compliance with the fiducairy program. This is so sad what veterans have to go through.

    Again, I appreciate all that you do.

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