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    I recently applied for A & A benefits for my infirmed 88 y/o , WW-II Veteran father who is confined to an ASF in Phoenix. I thought I was meticulous and had completed every possible VA Form possible including the 21-22(a) making me in effect, my dad's representative.

    I am in Denver and my dad is in Phoenix.

    The VA just mailed him (not me, even though I clearly instructed the VA to do so) a communication with yet another form to complete. Apparently this new form is an adjunct to the 21-22(a) stating that I am not charging any monetary fees/compensation to assist him with his application.

    My question please is why doesn't the VA instruct us to complete the adjunctive form in the first place? Now I must complete this, get my dad to sign it from 600 miles away. Yet another hassel & delaying tactic.

    Has anyone else had experience with this type of adjuctive "disclaimer" form?

    Thank-you in advance!

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    Hi JP,
    YES, I had the exact same problem you are having now. We sent in the 21-22, then the VA sent the same letter asking about compensation, we sent it back.
    What is really strange is even after i sent the fee statement form back the VA still would not discuss the claim with me.

    Hopefully not, but dont be suprised if more mail from the VA goes to your dad!

    The process is just one big fustriating nightmare, Its almost enough to drive a man to drinking, however, if you stick with it, you will eventually get the benefit so hang in there!

    Best wishes,

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