Father n Law died last night - WWII Veteran

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    Can someone help me with my father n law A&A check that will come on July 1, 2016. We owe Medical/Care Giving Expenses with the check that is to be paid on July 2016.

    How do I handle contacting VA to let them know that he past and that we need to use the check for expenses.

    What VA Form do I need to use?

    Please help.
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    Hello John,

    Did your father-in-law receive is retroactive payments after the fiduciary process? If not, the primary son/daughter or another family member can file for any expenses that they paid for on your father-in-law's behalf and are entitled to reimbursement. If son/daughter or another family member did not pay expenses, then they are not entitled to the back monies that were being held prior to Fiduciary appointment.

    Only list what expenses were made on behalf of the veteran for care on this form: http://www.vba.va.gov/pubs/forms/VBA-21-601-ARE.pdf

    And this is the application for burial benefits: http://www.vba.va.gov/pubs/forms/VBA-21P-530-ARE.pdf
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  3. Kaylin, Your reply here is the only place on the Internet I've found that mentions these two forms together. I'm confused about whether both can be filed, or just one or the other, for burial costs of the veteran. In Dad's case there were three months of accrued benefits totaling $4,686.00 (they were paid after death, then pulled back with ACH bank reversal). The only legitimate claim I'm aware of for any of it is the burial costs of $1,764.00, paid by family (although how much of that they would reimburse I have no idea - have not found any data on how that's determined). Since I can't be reimbursed for my care giving, which is what the bulk of the pension was approved for, and it appears that health insurance covered all other "last illness" expenses, I am only submitting form 21-601 to claim reimbursement of burial expenses, which are clearly to be listed as item 12b on the form.

    However, I now hesitate to also submit form 21P-530 (in this situation I'm qualified to claim a $300.00 burial benefit - he died at home and was buried in a national cemetery, so that's the full amount that can be claimed on this form).

    I certainly wouldn't expect the VA to reimburse burial expenses AND pay a burial benefit as well, but I can't find any information on their site about how to choose which form to submit, or whether we should submit both. I'm hoping for an answer here, and to be saved having to call them and ask, who knows what answer I'd get or if it would be correct.
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    This is the application for burial benefits specifically: http://www.vba.va.gov/pubs/forms/VBA-21P-530-ARE.pdf

    If applicant (in this case, your father) passes during the application process prior to funds being released, the son/daughter or other family member who was helping in the application process is entitled to file against those accrued benefits for expenses associated with the "Last Illness." This is not limited to just the out of pocket expenses incurred for final arrangements not covered by pre-existing arrangements or policies, nor is it for the last ambulance ride.

    Use Form 21-601 Application for Accrued Amounts due a Deceased Beneficiary. It is recommended to include a certified copy of their birth certificate indicating they are a legal heir. They will also need to list all siblings who may also be entitled to file.

    I hope that helps?...I am not sure myself whether or not the VA will take both application forms. Good question! If you happen to find out, can you please come back and let us know?

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