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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jan L, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. Jan L

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    I am in process of applying for A&A for my mother. She lives with my brother and pays him $500. mo towards rent and another $500. mo for care. He provides all meals, administers her meds, helps with dressing and toilet, accompanies her to medical appointments with help of wheel chair van service. Can I claim the entire $1,000 as an expense (in essence, he provides her "assisted living") or just the $500 for services other than rent? Thanks for any help.
    Jan L
  2. vetadmin

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    Your brother cannot charge her rent. He is not a licensed facility, and the VA would not consider this expense.

    You need to claim all $1,000 as caregiver expenses. Do not break it down to food, utilities, rent, etc. All that she pays him needs to be for her "care and assistance."
  3. Jan L

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    Thanks for the help. I have seen reference to an affidavit by a private care giver. Is there a proper form, does it need to be notarized, etc?
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    You only need this in the event the VA ask for more information on the private caregiver.

    If you are talking about an "agreement" between the applicant and the family member providing the care, that is a different issue.

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