extended aid and assitance form 10-10EC vs AA

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    I am thinking about applying for Adult Day assistance for my father who is a veteran age 93 with dementia his wife is having a difficult time taking care of him all the time. My question is if I submit the form 10-10EC with his financial information now will the Veterans Admin use this form as a reference if I have to apply and submit an Aid and Assistance form later on.

    My second question deals with Aid and Assistance is their an income qualification scale listed on the VA site. I have seen the $80,000 figure but I assume that is for someone in their 60's. For someone who is 93 and married would their income have to be about $0.00 or negative to qualify.
  2. Just to be clear, the $80,000 figure is for assets, not annual income.
    Check out the other pages on Deb's website here and search other threads in the forum for more info on income limitations.

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