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  1. Are any considerations made when allowable expenses exceed income? In other words if medical expenses plus attendance expenses exceed income and the family is paying the overage can that be considered as unpaid expenses?
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    You should keep records of any family member paying expenses that go to the care of the applicant, and those payments should be made directly to the facility or caregiver and not put into her bank account. These records could be helpful down the road.

    If she is already receving the maximum award amount, it will not increase the amount of pension she receives.
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    Why shouldn't a family member deposit the money directly into the qualifying parent's bank account. My sibling has been depositing money into my vet mother's account and then paying the caregiver from there. We haven't received A&A yet, but we are doing this so payments can be well documented.
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    Because, the VA is looking to see if the applicant meets the financial threshold. If you are adding money to their account, it will appear that they have another source of income that has not been disclosed. If there are accrued benefits that don't get paid, you won't be able to file against them by being able to show that you personally paid them on behalf of the applicant.

    From an accounting standpoint and for VA purposes, you need to let their bank account have true reflection of thier income and not supplemented.

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