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    Regarding allowable expenses: My father has just begun receiving A&A - for which we are very grateful. As we are not clear what is and is not an allowable expense, we've decided to just keep all receipts. But does he need to show the receipts to anyone at anytime?

    Is there some method of accountability now that the Eligibility Verification Report has been discontinued (he does not file tax forms as he has no earned income)?

    If he doesn't spend it all - which is likely as his health has improved since filing for A&A - will he need to pay it back, and if so, what is the mechanism for determining this? We are grateful he is getting this benefit as he could very easily begin to have more expenses down the road.

    I appreciate the kindness expressed through all your responses. Thank you in advance for your help.
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    The thing to keep in mind is that with A&A the VA determines the monthly amount your father receives based on how much his care expenses make a deficit to his income and assets. If his health has improved and his care expenses have gone down then you will need to send a Statement in Support of Claim form 21-4138 to the VA showing his updated care expenses. You can use bank statements and receipts if you have no other documents. They might decrease his monthly award amount but it can always be increased again if his care expenses go back up.

    Care expenses are any of those associated with ADLs (activities of daily living). So if he needs assistance with cooking, bathing, going to the bathroom, getting dressed, etc. then that would be considered care expenses by the VA.

    Glad to hear your father's health is getting better, though!
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    I'm not sure you answered all of Lindsay's question. Like the part about how is this process audited? I'm curious also, if the care expenses drop off but a 21-4138 is not filed in a timely manner how will this problem be discovered before a large problem develops (ie pay that should not have been received). Could you please elaborate on that part. Thanks.
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    Currently the EVR is not in place, as Lindsay mentioned, so there is no yearly audit. Not to say that can't be reinstalled by the VA in the future. For your second question you will just have to keep the VA as updated as possible when care expenses increase or decrease. I know it's not the best thing in the world to just send them a letter and hope they get the update in time AND hope that the update you gave them will be the most up-to-date when it's received but that is currently how the process works.
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    Thanks Kaylin you are truly a hero to us here in the forums. Maybe they will make everything easier in the future.
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    You're welcome! I appreciate the kind words. :)

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