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    I am just found out about the VA benefits for my mom, who is a surviving spouse and her only income is her social security. I need the additional money in order to place her in assisted living. There is mention if the person is 90 years old, to include a cover letter so they can expedite the process. Has anyone done this and if so did it help??. It looks like 6-9 months is the norm to expect the process to be complete? I was going to try and use my savings to get my mom in a place that is close to me but if it takes that long, I will be out of funds and if for some reason they decline I will really be in a financial mess. Any experience with this, please reply.
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    Yes, you can request expedited processing due to her advanced age, and yes it has helped those to whom it was applicable.

    Keep in mind that if you pay the expenses after filing just to get her in, you need to keep that separte from her bank account, and keep records showing that you paid it. Do not deposit the money in her account to just write one check. Mom needs to pay what she can, and you write a check for the difference from your account.

    Good luck with the process.
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    Thank you so much for your response and suggestions. If it is expedited do you know the time frame? Would it be a month or fewer than 3 months? I am trying to plan this out but like I mentioned if I use my savings and it takes 6 - 12 months ( this is usually my luck) then I will be out of funds and also won't be able to keep her in the assisted living home. Also on the application form is it better to leave the questions blank if it doesn't apply to you or should I write in a zero or N/A.

    Thanks again,
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    NEVER, EVER leave a question "blank" on the application. If it does not apply put N/A or whatever would be approprite.

    There is no way of knowing how fast or how slow the VA will move. Wish we could offer you more encouragement, but it really is a roll of the dice with no set pattern.
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    Again thanks for your response - I know you state never leave blank but here are some gray areas that I have concerns about. Questions 32A, B & C - my answer is no, she is not in a nursing home so they tell you if the answer is Yes, then answer items 32b and 32C, this is why I was asking to leave blank because it doesn't apply. If I put N/A on 32b then the only answer I can put on 32c is NO - is this how I should apply answers to all questions like this.

    Section V - does not apply at all to her - they tell you to skip this section - are you saying I should put N/A ?

    I have also read the instrucions for filling out the form and they say to either fill in the answer if it applies or skip sections if they don't. I just want to make sure it is completed the way the VA needs so it doesn't come back to me.

    Also she isn't in a facility yet, because she can't afford it, do I put that in notes with an estimated date of her going there?

  6. Red Headed Mommy

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    Hi Marlene:
    Good luck with the process....what I did on my father-in-laws application, I made sure every single blank had an answer for it, so there were lots of "N/A" I wrote it very neatly (trying to show "respect"), but I had read too many horror stories that something that small can delay the process. My guess it that someone has to key in a response to the system, so they are not allowed to guess....I never skipped anything...

    As far as estimated date of going into a facility, you need to complete the application with information AS OF the date of application. If she is not in a facility, be sure that you meet the financial threshold at the time of application...there is lots of information on the forum about Countable Income. It is a Catch-22 situation...you need the care, but need the A&A to afford the care...hard place to be. Unfortunately, the VA will require that she meets the financial requirement before approval.

    When she moves into a facility, you notify them with VA form 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim.

    Hope that helps!
    Red Headed Mommy
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    Hello Red Headed Mommy,

    Thank you so much for your input. I now have a better idea on filling out that form and will use your suggestion. As for the income, very tough spot to be in. I would like to use my savings to cover the difference but that would only last 6 months at the most. I have no problem doing this but if they take longer ( and I have read the horror stories) I will be out of funds and won't be able to keep her there. According to what you are saying, it is catch 22, she needs to be in the facility in order for the benefit to be approved, but yet I need the money to put her in one. This is going to be tough to make a decision on how I move forward. Thanks again, any other advice would be appreciate.

    Take Care,
  8. vetadmin

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    Keep in mind, that in the meantime, she can pay you or someone else to act as her caregiver at a lower rate in order to establish her expenses, and when she gets the award, you can move her. Have outside care services come in and start incurring expenses, which would be less than what the facility would cost.
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    I thought about using myself since I have been the one that has given her total care. So I could then list this under expenses to help her qualify? Do I need to fill out any other form to show this?
    Do I need proof that she pays this? Also she will 90 in April, should I wait to apply then or state in the letter that she will be 90 in April when I ask to expedite? Thanks again for your help.
  10. vetadmin

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    She would have to be paying you, and be able to show that through her bank statements, and you should look for the caregiver affidavit link here on the forums. You would need to claim the income and report it on your taxes. There has to be a clear accounting of those payments, and you cannot do it on "anticipated" cost. Has to be what she is currently paying.

    You can request the expediting, and mention in Statement in support of claim that she turns 90 in April.

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