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    Hi. I knew I would have a few questions on the annual EVR. Any information on these?
    1. Question 7G Net Worth: Should I include the money received from the VA in the past year for A&A that has been deposited into her bank account as net worth? We recently received a lump sum for back payments.

    2. Question 8B: The past year's medical expenses were considerably above the 8A estimated amount. They were also about $40,000 above income, so income zeros out with plenty to spare. Do you recommend going through the detailed effort to itemize with a VA Form 21-8416, or enter the obvious medical expenses (Assisted Living, Medicare, private medical insurance) under 8B if it is substantially the same as 8A?

    3. Question 10A: I'm the Legal Custodian (Federal Fiduciary). Do I sign the EVR or does the Vet sign?

    As always, thank you for this wonderful website.
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    I'm sorry I don't know the answer to these, but I would like to.....so I'm bumping this post
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    Just called the VA Pension Center and got these answers to my three questions:
    Question 7G Net Worth: No money received from the VA should be included on the EVR.
    Question 8B: Since the Vet is getting the maximum award they just want to see if there have been any changes in the major costs (assisted living, etc.). No need to itemize all the medical expenses.
    Question 10A: I should sign since I am the Legal Custodian (fiduciary). They will not accept the Vet's signature any more on the EVR.

    This is my experience only. I hope it helps someone else. AnnieN
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    Thanks for sharing this with the board.

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