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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MJ, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. MJ

    MJ 85 year old mother is surviving spouse of veteran

    [color=red]Is this annual review due at the end of the calendar year or is it due 1 yr after the benefit award?
    Thanks for your input, hope you all have a great Christmas holiday
  2. kayellen

    kayellen Newbie

    I am also asking the same question -- I see that you have no responses ??? I have a response, but still have the same question. Evidently, both you & I applied for benefits in the Summer of '09 and have received an Award Letter effective approx. Sept. 09. Then we received initial back payments with EVR & Med Expense Report. But the accompanying letter is unclear.
  3. jpez

    jpez Full Member

    the annual date is the first day of the month that was approved(money sent for). They will send the form on that anniversary. (actually before)
  4. vbcoder

    vbcoder Jr. Member

    I applied for A&A in Nov. '08 , was approved in Jan. '09, and received payment back to Dec. '08, but I have not received an EVR yet.Should I contact them?
  5. kayellen

    kayellen Newbie

    MJ --- Nice to see someone as persistent as I am. Which, is probably why we both obtained funding for our loved ones in a fairly short time.

    How hard is the EVR question that no one seems to answer straight forward. Common Sense tells me that with all the success stories out there "WE" are surely not the only ones required to fill out an EVR annually??? Come on people give up the info. ::)
  6. magnumpi28

    magnumpi28 Jr. Member

    OK ladies, I think this is what confusing you all about the annual EVR..

    You do not receive an EVR in the intial year of award!

    The eligibility verification report (EVR) is a VA compliance form that will need to be completed at the beginning of each year. If you are receiving VA pension benefits, you will get one and must return it on time.

    The EVR requires you to verify the income and qualified expenses from the previous year. It also allows you to make any adjustments for the coming year.

    If you have had large changes to the monthly medical expenses (perhaps now you are paying lower assisted living costs or home care costs or you inherited money or sold a home) and now exceed the limit for benefits, this may interfere with the current benefit award you receive.
  7. vbcoder

    vbcoder Jr. Member

    Since I'm a male, I guess you were not addressing me. :)

    My post was
    I applied for A&A in Nov. '08 , was approved in Jan. '09, and received payment back to Dec. '08, but I have not received an EVR yet.Should I contact them?

    I'm in my 2nd year of receiving A&A.ty
  8. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    EVRs are sent out late Dec into early January. If you don't receive one in the next week or so, it might be advisable to call as the last thing you would want is for the pension to be abruptly stopped due to information not being current.
  9. vbcoder

    vbcoder Jr. Member

    Thank you Debbie, I will call if I don't get one soon.. :-*

    I received my EVR in today's mail.
    Thank you Debbie for providing this forum and all the info. :-* :-*
  10. magnumpi28

    magnumpi28 Jr. Member

    Vbcoder- sorry about that, i was talking to MJ.

    It was late last night so just to clarify what i was trying to say and to who i was saying it too......

    MJ, Since you recieved your benefit award after EOM august you will not be recieving the EVR this month(January) like everyone else.

    Im almost sure you recieved you award just recently but If I am wrong and you recieved your award before EOM august you will recieve you EVR anyday now. Like Debbie said, They are sent out at the end of december.

    Hope this helps...Thx's

    EOM means "End Of Month"
  11. vbcoder

    vbcoder Jr. Member

    No problem PI. See the "smiley"
  12. kayellen

    kayellen Newbie

    ;D Magnum --- We received an EVR for Aid & Attendance Special Improved Veteran Pension. We received it around lst of Dec of '09 with the initial Award back payment ????
  13. MJ

    MJ 85 year old mother is surviving spouse of veteran

    The A&A award was received in Nov 09 retro to July 1, 2009.
    If I am understanding correctly I WILL NOT get an EVR for 2009.
    I WILL get an EVR after the one year anniversary of the initial award which would be July 1, 2010.

    Comments anyone?,,,,, still kind of confused as to whether it is rec'vd at calendar year end or award year end....

  14. tomevgas

    tomevgas Newbie

    My father received monthly A&A benefits beginning August 2009 with payment from Feb-Aug withheld because of dementia. He did receive the EVR form in the mail this week to be filled out for Feb 2009 - Dec 2009 and Jan-Dec 2010. I also had a call from a field rep today and set up an appointment next week. Hopefully he will be able to clear up some questions on the EVR for me, such as, "other sources" monthly income do you report the $659 which is the A&A component of the pension for a vet.
  15. KarenO

    KarenO Jr. Member

    I applied for my mother in March of 2009. Received notification of award but withheld because of fiduciary duty. I still have not received any money but did receive an EVR saying it was due by March 11, 2010 which would be one year after application. This is confusing to me since it isn't even a year after the approval of the award (notwithstanding the fact we haven't even received any money).
  16. pologal1979

    pologal1979 Guest

    MJ - no you will not get an EVR this year but you will get it next year probably.

    tomevgas - other sources is referring to any other income that is not pre listed on the form. i.e. one time income such as inheritance, lottery winnings, etc. or other monthly income such as a retirement benefit.

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