Employment info for long time retirees?

Discussion in 'Veteran Application' started by Jandy, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. Jandy

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    Applying for A&A for my veteran father.

    In Form 21-527EZ, Section III, it asks for veteran's work history ("Must complete")......I can fill in all the blanks (where Dad worked, dates, etc) EXCEPT FOR the blank "Total Annual Earnings." I have absolutely no idea what Dad's salary was. Dad has been retired for 16 years. He has dementia, so I doubt he can tell me. His wife is dead. And I can't find any of his tax returns that go back that far to check it.

    I don't even know why the VA would need this info in this situation, but I hate to leave it blank because of the "Must Complete" warning on the form. Is it better to put n/a (which isn't really true--I just don't know the amount!) OR make a wild guess (which could be way, way off the mark)?
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    If your father is aged 65 or older, and since he is applying for the A&A pension, you do not need to worry about filling in all of his work history. You can put "n/a" in the blanks you are not sure of the accurate answer of when referencing his work history.

    This article here: http://www.alfa.org/images/alfa/Toolkits/VAToolkit.pdf
    also referecences the work history section and recommends putting "65 or older or receiving Social Security Disability"
  3. Jandy

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    Thanks once again, Kaylin. That brochure is really helpful--I appreciate it!

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