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    New to the site. I have reviewed the A & A information and am still unclear about the eligibility of my 82 year old mother. My father was a Korean Vet who died in the 70's. My mother married another Vet in the 80's but unfortunately it ended in divorce in the 90's. He is still living. She is drawing SS based on first marriage. I have been told she is not eligible since she remarried but have seen some stuff indicating once divorced she could have regained eligibility at least for some things like education benefits. Can she go back now to her original marriage and pick up A & A benefits. She is legally blind in one eye. Any information would be appreciated.
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    Mom's divorce from the 2nd vet would have had to taken place prior to Nov 1, 1990 in order for her to go back and file on your Dad's service. She would also have had to been married to your Dad at the time of his death.

    If the divorce was after the above mentioned date, she is not eligible for this pension.

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