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    Whew! I'm relieved and happy and anxious and nervous.

    The decision packet has been mailed so hopefully we'll have that in a few days. My plan is to poke around ebenefits and see if I can learn ANYTHING that will put me at complete ease but there's a lot going on at work today so I'll save that for later. I'll give a final update later. And once again, I would not have made it this far and been giving the level hope that I have had over the last few weeks had I not been able to read this forum. I appreciate all of you. :)
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    Glad that we could be here for you, and fingers crossed for the news you are hoping for!
  3. I am trying too wrap my head around this unanswered question from VA 800# repos regarding service connect disability increase. Information given too me is diffrent from on ebenefits.org is information accurate can someone please provide clarification here is status udate ebenefits.
    Status of Your Claim
    • Submitted: 05/24/2006 (Compensation)
    • Claim Closed: 01/24/2008
    • Disabilities Claimed: Individual enemployability (Increase), temporary 100% for back surgery (Increase), low back condition residuals of back injury (Increase), neck condition with findings of degenerative arthritis and narrowing disk spaces C2-C3 through C5-C6 (Increase), idiopathic urticaria, bipolar disorder (Secondary), sleep apnea (Secondary)
    • Current Status: Complete
      The VA has sent a decision packet to you by U.S. mail. The packet includes details of the decision or award. Please allow standard mailing time for your packet to arrive before contacting a VA call center.

      Learn more about the Claims Process

    Note: Documents uploaded here may not be available to the VA for 24 hours.

    • Request 1
      Due Date: 05/11/2007 Status: No Longer Needed

      As we consider your claim, you may submit evidence showing that your service-connected <output_arg.algatn_nm> [[has][have]] increased in severity.

    • Request 2
      Due Date: 12/28/2007 Status: No Longer Needed

      Please submit medical evidence on your current <output_arg.secondary_disability> disability as well as evidence showing a connection between your <output_arg.secondary_disability> disability and your service connected <output_arg.primary_disability> condition. We will consider service connection for your <output_arg.secondary_disability> as secondary to your service connected <output_arg.primary_disability> condition. Note: Temporary or intermittent flare ups of a condition are not considered aggravation, unless the underlying condition, as contrasted by symptoms, has gotten worse.

    • Request 3
      Due Date: 12/28/2007 Status: No Longer Needed

      We need evidence showing that the following condition(s) existed from military service to the present time:


    • Request 4
      Due Date: Not Available Status: No Longer Needed

      Unemployability - 21-8940 needed

    • Request 5
      Due Date: Not Available Status: No Longer Needed

      Name of disability needed

    • Request 6
      Due Date: Not Available Status: No Longer Needed

      Waiting for a reply from claimant
      Thank you ever so much ..
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    Jose, I'm sorry I'm not 100% sure what your question is. Also, we do not use the eBenefits site here on VeteranAid and we do not recommend it as it can be a big headache in many ways. Therefore, we aren't the most familiar with how it works.

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