does Aid and attendance check count as income?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SherryLynn, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. SherryLynn

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    My mother requires round the clock care in her home. She receives a ss check, and has now qualified for an Aid and Attendance check to pay for attendants to keep her in her home. She lives in an income based apartment for the elderly. They count her SS check as income and derive her rent from that. My question is: does she have to tell them about the A&A check from VA? It is used solely to pay for caregivers, nothing else. Or is the A&A check not counted as income?
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    It depends on your state's Subsidized housing regulations – Sometimes Medical care costs like caregivers is a deduction from income – so dollar in dollar out, some exclude A&A. You need to see the regulations for your state to determine how it impacts your situation.
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    Thank you for responding! I have tried to google this information without luck. Is there a website that would give me this information or what do I search for?
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    Call the people at the state agency that handles her housing and ask them for the proper agency/dept to contact who would have the regulations on this.
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    Thank you!!!
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    the check is NOT to pay caregivers. It is a pension sent BECAUSE she has already paid the caregivers and has no income left.

    That is an important concept to understand. THe VA IS NOT paying the care givers.
    ANd most housing authorities do count any money coming in as income.
    But make sure they show you that in writing before you report it.

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