Do I have everything to start the process?

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    I am filing for my mother's A&A

    21-534EZ for widow's a&a
    21-0845 the disclosure form
    21-4138 support statement
    21p-8614 medical expense report

    Do I have everything? I had started the process in 2012 but then she sold her house, but we have spent down enough that she should qualify.

    On the ez form, do I need to write in Aid and Attendance or will they know?

    And do I substitute Assisted Living for Nursing home on the nursing home paperwork.

    Thank you for any help.
  2. vetadmin

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    You need the 21-2680 Physician's Evaluation.

    Yes, mark through Nursing Home and put ALF.

    You need a Statement of Occupancy from the facility.

    Be sure to mail Return Receipt to the Pension Center for her state, which is located here under Tips and Resources.

    Keep a complete copy of the application for your records.

    I am assuming you have copies of discharge papers, marriage license, and Death Certificate.

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