Do 90+ aged applicants get processed quicker?

Discussion in 'Veteran Application' started by RArmstrong, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. RArmstrong

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    I am applying for Aid/Attendance for my mother who is 92 yrs. old. I've been told that applicants over 90 get processed more quickly. Is this true? Thanks.
  2. jscott

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    There's info here in the A&A FAQs (What to expect afterwards) that you can request an expedite based on the applicants age or medical condition. Based on my experience with the Philly VA, I do not believe that is being done. It won't happen until the VA office itself puts the expedite on. Perhaps Kaylin or VetAdmin have more current info.
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    You can request expedition due to "advanced age" if they are over the age of 90. I would follow up with the VA office on this matter, however, once the expedition has been submitted. Don't just think that sending the letter with request will make you done and done. Just follow up is all I'm saying.
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    You can expedite all you want. I tried it for my 93 y.o. uncle who was also legally blind. Still took over six months and they completely disregarded my intent to file for the first month.
    They dallied on the intent to file for four more months until he died. Now I have different forms to fill out. (Multiple forms) Keep calling and reminding them that your mother needs this.
    Good luck
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