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    I reported in January that my mom was approved for benefits and that she had started to receive monthly checks (hooray!). The problem I am facing now is that I can't seem to get the direct deposit set up. The VA sends the checks to my mom and, due to her dementia, she loses them. So far she has lost her retroactive check (over $3,000) and one month's benefit ($998). The VA said that they will replace the checks but have not done so (we have been working on this since March).

    I have run into problems contacting the VA because I call from out of state. The toll-free number only connects me to the VA in California; my mom lives in Colorado. The California VA can't help me with someone who lives in another state. My sister in Colorado has spoken to the Colorado VA several times for me and they have sent forms for me to complete. I completed the direct deposit information on the original application, have sent the same information in on new forms two other times, applied online with GoDirect, and directly faxed the information to the person my sister spoke with in Colorado. Nothing has worked. No one has been able to explain what the problem is.

    The only thing I can think of that is causing problems is that my name is on the account with my mom's (so that I can make the monthly payments to her ALF). This has not been a problem with Social Security as her checks are deposited monthly without a hitch.

    I would appreciate any suggestions for what to do next; I have ANOTHER rejection sitting in front of me.

    Thank you.

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    The VA uses a "Smart" phone/fax system. When you call, it identifies where you are calling from and directs your call to the nearest center to your location. The person you reach actually can help you, but they won't. They do have access to your mom's claim, BUT every employee is expected to process at least 70+ calls a day and they have a "3" minute limit they are suppose to allow for every call. This is not designed to help 70+ people a day, nor can you get an extension number or get back to the same person. Also not designed to "help". To be so efficient, they mandate that only calls related to claims/applications being processed by their area can be handled by that center.

    The VA is using certain VA Regional Office to handle special functions. All direct deposit requests are handled at the following

    National Direct Deposit Center
    Muskogee Regional Office
    125 South Main St., Suite B
    Muskogee, OK 74401-7004

    Phone Number: (877) 838-2778

    I have a feeling that the forms previously submitted were placed in the claims file at the local VA Regional Office and was not forwarded on for processing. Having your name on the bank account is not the problem. You should be able to contact the number listed above and just ask if there is a pending issue being handled for the direct deposit. A yes or no answer will allow the you to know if additional action is to be taken.

    The VA's computers are linked together nationwide. Someone just didn't want to take the time to check on this issue or they didn't know how. Of course they would not be able to pull the file to determine if a document is in it but they can tell from the computer if the claim is being worked on, what the issue is and where the file is located.

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