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    I submitted a very simple application for C&P Dependency on 22 May 14 . It is simple because absolutely nothing has changed since my separation from service.

    Frustration stems from different aspects.

    (1)I have never understood how disconnected the government is within itself, meaning DEERS can't communicate with VA to validate dependency.
    (2)I have been trying to call the VA for days to find out what I can do to keep this application moving and can never get through the automated service. Always get the message that all personnel are busy. Call back later or schedule a call back.
    (3)So, I schedule a call back, and they call back. Two minutes into the conversation, the call is dropped from the other end. No one ever calls back.
    (4)My wife manages to get in the queue for a call back, and they call back. But while waiting "to be connected", the call drops again. No one ever calls back.

    All the money that gets pumped into the VA, and they can't even get an automated call back service to work.
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    unfortunately it doesn't matter how simple it is. if it is just a dependency claim (adding/removing spouse/child) it is considered a non-rating claim. non-rating claims don't have the same priority as rating claims.

    you can check out, the average wait time base on your office here: (you'll have to download the last report). if you look on the last tab in the workbook and scroll down you can find your office. if you look at the non-rating average days pending, you can get a rough estimate of the average age of a non-rating claim.

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