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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jpappas755, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. jpappas755

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    A general question to the Group please...

    I applied to the VA (on belhalf of my 88 y/o WW-II vet father) for the A & A benefit in November 2009. To date, I have received 2 "sorry for the delay" letters. One in December 2009 and one in January 2010. I even have a VA Claim file Number so, I know they have the application (somewhere).

    To complete the origninal 21-526 I used income data from 2008. However, my dad's income in 2009 decreased by almost $6,000. The VA has no way of knowing this income diminution has occured. Conceivably, the more relevant (and accurate) 2009 income numbers could make his application "more favorable" to the VA.

    My question is...should I notify the VA that my dad's income has decreased? If so, how? Form 21-4138?

    My fear is that since my original application is "under review" the VA will somehow fail to connect a newer 21-4138 addendum.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank-you in advance!

  2. vetadmin

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    It would be wise to wait, and once they make a determination, you can update the information. To add to the mix now, would just cause more confusion. Get through the process first.
  3. pologal1979

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    i would look into how the income decreased. lets say the VA awards benefits. in order for the vet to get a possible increase, then you also will have to tell then when and how the income decreased. did he withdraw funds from a CD? did some other retirement or annuity stop? if you just wait, then report the decrease, that is ok. but you want to be sure when you do report the decrease you know the reason for it.
  4. SuzyB

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    I have a similar question. We are considering moving my mother into a nursing home within the next month (rather than the board and care facility she is currently in). The cost will be higher per month. Our A&A claim was only submitted a few weeks ago. We're wondering if this needs to be reported now or if we should just wait until claim is approved. Based on the information given here, it sounds like we should wait. Is that a correct assumption?
  5. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    You can do a Support of Claim to show the increase of what her new monthly expenses will be. If she was borderline for meeting the financial limits you may want to consider sending it in now if it will make a difference in her getting the full award of $1056 a month. Otherwise wait until a determination has been made and then update the VA with her new expenses and costs for care.
  6. pologal1979

    pologal1979 Guest

    in your case, suzy, if mom moves to a nursing home, you need to let the VA know for a few reasons. 1. va needs to know the whereabouts of the claimant to whom they are going to pay the benefit to. 2. if mom moved from home to a nh, then her expenses change which effects the award. 3. if mom was in an ALF and has since moved to a nh, then the VA will use the ALF fees on the application as expenses. if they know she moved, they will use correct expenses. so in this case, it complicates things if she moves and her expenses change. but as long as you provide all the info needed to Va, then your ok. this would be a 0779 for the NH move. and a letter from the ALF showing what she actually paid their per month until she was discharged. trust me, its better to get all info up front then to wait 9 months until the claim is processed and Awarded to report changes like this.
  7. Max

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    I disagree. I suggest to submit a VA form 21-4138 ASAP with the new information and contact information for you and the claimant.

    Working a claim only takes about .75-2 hours. Its just a matter of waiting your turn in line. Submitting the information now means that when your claim makes it to the front of the line, they will have the most recent information for the income and the most recent contact information. The worst case scenario is that VA makes a decision and the new info comes in a day or two later. If this is the case, VA will reestablish the claim and work it right away with the new numbers.
  8. Max

    Max Hero Member

    Another thing to keep in mind is that if you wait and the claim is denied, when you turn in the new info, the claim will be moved all the way to the back of the line again. Turning the info in now (no matter what it is) makes sure that it will be factored in with the current pending claim.

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