Decision letter sent 12/12/18

Discussion in 'Waiting on Updates' started by Norma, Dec 13, 2018.

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    I got online on ebenefits and saw last night that a decision letter had been sent on 12/12/18. I called today to see if they could tell me any info since. am approved by my father, the Veteran, to get info from the VA re. the application. I was told it is the VA policy to send all info to the veteran re. the decision. They said it could take 10 days or more to get the letter via snail mail. Is there ANYWHERE I can look on ebenefits that will give me a CLUE as to whether or not he was approved. The intent to file was filed in December, 2017 and I've had the Senator from Michigan file 2 inquiries in the past 2 months to get this moving along. Any advice? Thank you.

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