Death Pension Processing Time for 93 yr-old widow

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    On June 23, 2015, I sent via "Certified Mail/Receipt Requested" (on behalf of my mother who resides in an Alzheimer's/Dementia assisted living facility) VA Form 21-543EZ (completed) along with the Authorization To Disclose, Physician Statement, VA Form 21-0779 from the AL facility, Medical Expense Report, my deceased father's Military Discharge information, his Death Certificate, their Marriage License/Certificate, copy of letter from Social Security, and Verification of my mother's Recurring Medical Expenses.

    I put all of the forms and documentation into a 3-ring binder with tabbed dividers per the advice on this website, along with a cover letter respectfully requesting that the application be expedited due to my mother's advanced age (93).

    This information was received and signed for by someone in the Philadelphia VA Center within a week of my sending it (but whomever signed the form did not date it).

    It has now been over 3.5 months and I have had no response.

    Should I attempt to contact the VA to try to ascertain the status of the claim? Should I contact either a Senator or Representative to initiate an inquiry? Or should I consider utilizing my local county "Director of Veterans Services" to contact the VA for a status -- or should I just continue to wait?

    My mother's meager savings are fast being depleted and my only other alternative seems to be to soon attempt to find a job and forfeit my retirement at age 68 to be able to keep my mother in the facility where she currently resides.

    Any advice or guidance would be most appreciated.
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    If I understand you correctly, you have not received any communication from the VA acknowledging the application.

    If that is correct, then you need to contact your Mom's state Senator and ask them to make a formal inquiry into the status of her application. Hang on to that receipt as it will show date sent and that it was received even though they did not post the date, the date of mailing will be there.

    You will need to get an authorization form from the Senator's office giving them permission to make the inquiry for your Mom.

    Again, if you have nothing from the VA, you need to make that call today.
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    Thank you very much for your quick response.

    That is correct. I sent the completed application and all of the additional forms and supporting documentation on June 23, but thus far, I have had NO communication of any sort from the VA - except for the "certified mail return receipt" (undated).

    I will contact our Senator's office this afternoon.

    Many, many thanks for all of the incredible assistance you provide on this website. A number of years ago, I used the information from this site to file for Aid and Attendance for my father - a WWII veteran with Alzheimer's, and now my mother has dementia with scant resources remaining.

    Bless you for the invaluable insight and guidance you give to veterans and their families.
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    I know you have been a member with us for a long time, and I am glad that we can help again.

    Please let us know what happens when you contact her Senator and what transpires.

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