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    I called the VA this morning after they had left a message on Friday. The rep I spoke with wanted me to know that my dad's claim is in the Decision Phase which can take up to 70 days and that began on April the 2nd. Also, they did process the 3rd party info that allows me to speak to them on my fathers behalf, and that since my Congressman made an inquiry they felt that I should get a phone call updating me! LOL! Can you believe that! I informed the rep that all that information that was shared is the SAME information I have access to through ebenefits and through numerous phone calls. I even had more information than he did! He was uncomfortable that it was obvious the phone call was just another feeble to attempt at the "hurry up and wait' movement the VA is operating under. So I guess that is the response to the inquiry: that they are working on resolving the issue with the amount of time taken to process the claim, they are working on it, its in the decision phase (since April 2nd)...blah blah blah....I get SO frustrated! My dad turned 70 yesterday and I am going broke paying for home health for 20 hours a week. I just need to surrender. I am going to have to use my school money to take care of his care while Im in London.....Lord have mercy....

    Thanks for letting me vent.....I fell a lil better...


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