Custodial Savings Accounts

Discussion in 'Countable Income' started by Steve Wilner, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Steve Wilner

    Steve Wilner Newbie

    My mother has a couple of custodial savings accounts for her minor grandchildren. Are these accounts considered part of her assets that have to be reported on the form or not ? They are small amounts and do not make much of a difference in her total assets.

    Secondly. do you need to provide copies of all savings and checking and IRA accounts even if a balance is very small ? Would the latest one for each account be enough to include ?

    Thanks, Steve
  2. Honor First

    Honor First Newbie

    If it is her money, and the bank account is in her name, it has to be reported.
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  3. Steve Wilner

    Steve Wilner Newbie

    These custodial accounts have the names of both my mother and the grandchildren and their social security # - but the amounts are small so I will just include them. They get about 4 cents interest combined for the month - so I guess I have to report that interest to - kind of ridiculous. Thanks, Steve
  4. Kaylin

    Kaylin Hero Member Staff Member

    As @Honor First said, if they are in her name then I would suggest reporting them.

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