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    I have arrived here because I am becoming very leary of our Advocate to get us through the A&A process. So before going any further.....

    Thank you so very very much.... Reading all the post and threads has been incredibly educational and overwhelming as well. Diane & your contributors - people like you amaze me in ways that I can not even express... I can not thank you all enough for the eye opening experience of reading through all that is offered here. Here is my question...

    The VA advocate I have been working with says that the cost of my mom's prescriptions does not count as medical expenses. Is this true? Everything I have read on this forum says to report her prescription expenses, which amounts to about $200 a month. So as I understand from reading the threads... this does not matter in the initial application - right? Only after acceptance, will I be able to apply for medical expenses, such as prescriptions, walking aids, incontinence, etc.

    Is this assumption correct?

    Oh my what a quagmire the VA A&A is and what a disservice to the veterans of the Greatest Generation. So shameful of the VA. (not to mention what the VA has done to the Vietnam War Vet, one whom lives with me, and the constant VA battle we have here in Albuquerque, NM).

    Anyway - THANK YOU!!!
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    You do list RX's costs, but they really do not count the same way care expenses are. They are factored in at the end of the year, not for eligibility purposes.
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    Thank you.

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