Corruption at the VA? You tell me.........

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  1. My Grandmother who raised me is now 93 yrs of age and in a personal care home. For years I have taken care of her and her needs....she did it for i will do it for her...It will br 36 months this october since we first applied for aid and attendence, 19 months after we applied she recieved her first check. she was in the personal care home about 2 months prior to the application. in nov of last year she received her first check . so aprox 20k in back due money. She is sharp but not able to manage funds. so we did not contest any any finding of in competence. filled out the for to be appointed a fiducary and waited to the meantime always writing the checks to the pers. care home. the amount of aid and attendence and her social sec do not cover her costs so we add what we have to. When she went to the home her ss check was insuffecient to cover cost etc so the home agreed to bill me 500.00 per month until her aa was granted.....then go to their reg fee.....and back due money to be paid when her retro money came in.....and we signed a gaurentee as to such....NOW the field rep who appears to have a friendly relationship with the home....goes to the home...talks with my grandmother...tell her the funds now will come directly to the home....along with back due money!!!! this will cover the back due money add about a 8k surplus and she will still recieve her 1140.The field rep then calls me 2 days after talking with my grandmother call me and tells me the appointment with me... no nothing......what the hell??? Ther is no legal reason to do this.......there is no misapprpiation of my grandmothers funds and a paper trail to prove it! also the field advisor gave the home a printout of her funds in release for 3rd party disclosure....just gave it to them.......long before the finding of incompetence.. I not sure if that even legal!!. I am so worried about this....we are moving her to a new home as the same people owned another that was just shut down and we are seeing a decay in the quality of care.....but this REEKS of corruption......your thoughts please.............
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    Contact her Senator or Congressperson immediateley, and have them do an inquiry.

    This is NOT right!

    Please update on the outcome of it all, and sorry you have encountered this situation.
  3. we have contacted the senater who contacted the congressman on our behalf. I am awaiting a call from the congressmans office. over the weekend we moved my grandmother to a new facility. This stems from many other reasons separate and apart from the VA fiasco. i will update as this moves forward.
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    Please do update on how this goes!

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