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    I have been working on my MIL's A&A claim for a while. She was denied because they processed it as Pension and Compensation and before we had submitted information they had requested in a letter I received 2 days prior to the denial letter. I resubmitted request for re evaluation based on wrong wrong information that the VA used to consider claim per suggested contact with VetAdmin a couple of months ago.

    We received a letter from SS Admin. Retirement, survivors, and Disability Insurance, stating.

    "We have received a claim you recently filed with the VA for Social Security Benefits which they forwarded to us."
    It goes on to say that "this was a duplicate of an earlier claim. Since there was no new issues and it was a duplicate change there would be no change in the decision. In addition, you are not entitled to any other type of benefit based on the duplicate claim you filed."

    My question is; does the VA send claims to SS on behalf of the claimant trying to get SS to pay?
    She already receives SS from her husbands work all those years.
    In the new claim that I sent in on the statement of claims report to advise them that it needed to be reconsidered as an A&A claim and not P&C. There was also a new issue. We had put the MIL in an ALF. She has been there since October. We are still waiting to hear the outcome of the re evaluation from the VA. We will be contacting them soon to check on status. Although I put it on the statement of claim to please expedite due to age, I will ask if I can request it again as I read on another post on the forum here that they had to do that as well and a decision was completed in 1 month. This has been a year now since we started the process.

    Any clarification of the SS letter would greatly be appreciated.

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    We don't deal with SS or Medicaid, so can only offer a little bit of insight as to what may be going on here.

    Sounds like they interpreted the “denied….[few pages later] … unless you give us XYZ within one year” letter as a denial and resubmitted instead of understanding exactly what the VA would like to see. You might want to get a cash flow analysis to best determine the situation especially if that “denial” letter was within the last year.

    If you would like a recommendation, send me an email, and I will give you contact info for someone who could help.

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