Confused about medical expenses for Aid and Attendance

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    My father has been receiving aid and attendance for a couple of years now. His wife recently passed and we had to relocate him from a FL ALF to a GA ALF. When she was alive, her nursing home was covered under FL Medicaid and he was able to use her Social Security,his Social Security plus the Veterans Aid and Attendance to pay for his Assisted Living (dementia). Now that she has passed, he has lost that pension (over $700 per month) and only has his SS and the Aid and Attendance. His Assisted Living fee is almost twice what it was in GA and it's not even an expensive place. There does not seem to be any local service office to obtain answers to my questions like they have in FL. I was never told anything about unreimbursed medical expenses so have never filed this form. It says at the top that you can get reimbursed for medical insurance premiums, RX co-pays, Medicare premiums, Part D premiums. Is this true? And where do I send it? Help please. I'm going broke. My father has no assists other than SS and the aid and attendance benefit.

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