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    I am looking into this program for my mother, who is both a veteran and a veteran's widow. When I read the VA site, it says a vet has to qualify as low income, which means her annual income has to be less than $10,000. Hers is closer to $20,000. But that's without subtracting any care expenses. I don't see on the VA site where you get to subtract those expenses in order to qualify. Can someone clarify this for me.

    If she were to go into an assisted living facility, the monthly fee would use up more then her monthly SS and pension (not a VA pension). So looking at it that way, she wouldn't have any income. But I don't see that anywhere on the official documents. They make it sound like you just count your income, not your expenses. BTW, her assets would be less than the $80,000. So she would qualify on that part.

    Thanks for any clarification you can provide. No offense, but there are so many scams out there on the internet that I would really like to see something official from the VA website that clarifies.
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    We always try to provide links or copies of regulations in support of our responses. You are wise to request this of others. We do not provide information that we cannot back-up with the source.

    The following is contained in 38 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) Section 3.272(g)

    (g) Medical expenses. Within the provisions of the following paragraphs, there will be excluded from the amount of an individual's annual income any unreimbursed amounts which have been paid within the 12-month annualization period for medical expenses regardless of when the indebtedness was incurred. An estimate based on a clear and reasonable expectation that unusual medical expenditure will be realized may be accepted for the purpose of authorizing prospective payments of benefits subject to necessary adjustment in the award upon receipt of an amended estimate, or after the end of the 12-month annualization period upon receipt of an eligibility verification report.

    38 CFR contains the regulations and rules for the VA.

    I hope this answers your question. Please let us know if you need any additional information.

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