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    Thank you so much for all the time and devotion you give to this site and our veterans and for the help you have given me and others. I have 2 more questions about the application for my sister in a nursing home.
    1-The witnesses to her “X” as a signature. Can they be family? Or should we get employees of the nursing home?
    2-Instructions say you should send a list of doctors and hospitals visited last year. This has nothing to do with my sister’s current costs. Since she went into a skilled nursing home 2 months ago, her expenses there are way over her income. In fact even with the maximum benefit from the VA she will still have negative income. As she no longer can travel out of the home, her doctors have changed to those who will visit the nursing home. Since none of her visits in the last year are to current doctors, should we still make a list and send it? I’m missing the purpose of this. Is it to show expenses or doctor care?
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    Helen J,

    I am happy to hear has been a great help to you and your family. We appreciate your kind words!

    1. The witnesses can be family.
    2. It would be best to fill out the doctors and medical expenses as best as you can in that section of the application, especially if they are ongoing expenses. As long as it is clearly shown that your sister's skilled nursing home expenses completely deplete her income, the VA should understand. The VA is primarily looking for ongoing medical expenses, not one time events or visits to the doctor.

    I hope this information helps you and your sister. :) Good luck with the application process.

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