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  1. I was going to mail my mom's intent to file form, but found that the VA website lists a different address for the processing center than the VeteranAid site does. Which should I use? The Jaynesville or Milwaukee address?
    VeteranAid suggests:
    Dept of Veteran Affairs
    Claims Intake Center
    ATTN Milwaukee Processing Center
    Jaynesville, WI, 53547-5192

    The Dept of Veteran Affairs website says:
    Milwaukee VA Pension Center
    PO Box 342000
    Milwaukee, WI 53234-9907

    I just want to make sure that our first document gets out to the right location to reduce any delays.
    Thanks in advance for your help!!!!
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    When I faxed my intent to file form, I received from the VA a paper showing where to send written correspondence. For Wisconsin, it does list the Jaynesville address but adds a PO Box 5235 to it (no ATTN line), and the zip code is 53547-4444, slightly different than what you have there. There's also a fax number of 844-822-5246. I used a fax number when I filed.
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    Thank you toxdoc! Currently there are some questions surrounding which is the correct address. If you send it to either, it should get to the right location but I would honestly go with the Milwaukee, WI address at this time. The post office has apparently (as I have recently been informed) to forward mail sent to the Jaynesville address to the Milwaukee one.
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  4. Thank you all so much! Let the fun begin!!! :eek:)
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    You're welcome! Good luck!

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