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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tarabl, Mar 13, 2008.

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    I called the 800# given on the letter stating they have received the claim for my mother. I was referred to a regional office. I tried calling to find out if there was someone in specific that would be handling the claim and reviewing it. The person who answered the phone immediately sounded as if she didn't want to work and told me I would receive no information until a letter was mailed with acceptance or denial.

    My question is....does someone in particular get assigned to each claim or is it a general thing? I'm going to call back and hope to get someone else but I just want to have my facts before calling back.

    Thanks for the help.
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    There will be several people working on the claim and in different departments. The VA has a triage section to determine what benefit is being requested. If there is an existing file or folder, the application will be associated with the file and the file sent to the pre-development section. This section will make sure that the basic eligibility requirements are met and that all of the required documents are included with the application. They also start sending out ‘duty to assist letters’ to let the applicant know what to expect and some of their rights. After it is determined that all the required documents and information is available to make a decision then the file is assigned to a rating specialist who will make a determination on the application.

    VA employees are not permitted to discuss a claimant’s claim with anyone except the applicant or their designated representative. This is why we encourage someone from the family to complete the VA form 21-22a. This will give that person the authority to obtain status information and submit additional information to the VA, if needed.

    Hope this addresses your concerns.

    The Veteran Advocate
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    Well I got my first and second letter telling me they received the claim, it's in processing and they are sorry for the delay. Third letter came and says "Still processing your PENSION claim" Does this mean they are still looking into it to see if anything else is needed or they are processing it on the next step of approval? Do you happen to know?
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    These are computer generated letters. They are programed to be mailed at a certain time period. If you have not submitted a VA form 21-22a you may want to consider doing it. With this form signed by the claimant to permit you to serve as their representative will allow you to obtain additional information from the VA. You can find out exactly what stage the claim is in and where the file location is at within the VA Regional Office.

    Hope this info will address some of your questions.

    The Veteran Advocate
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    I did submit the form with the initial packet of information. Now to just get someone on the phone who wants to really help me. I've no luck yet since the people I get don't even want to bother to look it up. I'll just keep trying.

    Thanks for all your help!!!!

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