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  1. maralina1

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    We received award letter August 5th. (formal claim filed May 10)
    We would like to thank Debbie for this website. We could not have gotten the claim approved without it. Before we found it, we were totally confused. My mother almost payed a lawyer $5000 to help prepare it. Also, thank you Debbie, VSR, and Fit, for your advice in this forum. I was quite a pest!
    My advice is: Follow the instructions on this site. If you have any questions, ask the experts in this forum. (I think they know more than the paid advisors.)
    Of course I have a few questions!
    I will post them at at another time.
    Just wanted to let everyone know the good news and to thank you all!
  2. vetadmin

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    Oh Congratulations!!!

    I love getting these stories. They make what I do so worth it all!

    Thank you for sharing your success so that others will continue to hold on, and thank you for the mention of VSR and Fit as they are huge supporters of our efforts and we could not do this without them.

    Hope your family is doing a Happy Dance, and glad we saved your mom 5K!

    Best to you and your mom.
  3. Caroliso

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    Congratulations, Miralina! Glad your hard work paid off. Yes, the folks who advise us on this website are a gift!
  4. Marp

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    Congratulations! This is wonderful news.
  5. maralina1

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    Ok, here are a few questions:

    1) Pension granted May 10 ( when they received application)
    " We will continue to withhold retro benefits from June 1 through Aug. 1 pending whether you are capable of handling your benefit without
    Does this mean we have to wait til September 1 for 1st payment?

    2) We faxed incompetency statement on August 5. Do we have to wait til fiduciary is settled before retro benefits are paid?

    3) An informal claim was mailed on April, 20. They mailed it back with a letter basically saying " what is this? "
    Should I send a Statement in Support of Claim saying we " dispute effective date of May 10, informal claim sent April 20". Send copy of iinformal claim and letter they sent?
  6. maralina1

    maralina1 Full Member

    Another question: We faxed my dads incompetency waiver on 8/6. Does he need to have a fiduciary appointed if the pension is for veteran with spouse? My mother handles all their financial matters anyway and all their banking is a joint account. Also. please see previous post. Thanks.
  7. Fit2009

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    yes although she can be the fiduciary.

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