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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Isher, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. Isher

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    How can I check on the status of Dad's A&A Claim? It's been about 5 months since he applied. About 3 months ago the VA asked for additional information. We have a "VETERAN'S VA FILE NUMBER"

    Dad is a WWII veteran, I understand veterans over 75 are eligible for expedited processing, should we have requested that or is it automatic?

  2. vetadmin

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    You can call the VA 800# and give them the file number and inquire about the status of the application.
  3. AnnieN

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    Hi. From my experience requesting A&A, after my first two months of waiting I called the 800 number to ask for an update and explained that my Vet was elderly. I had included a request for expedited review on the cover sheet to the 21-526 application. The person at the 800 number instructed me to fax a statement in to him again requesting an expedited review. Here is what I faxed to him:

    Dear Sir or Madam: On Feb. 2, 2010 I helped my [relative], Ms. Smith, file VA form 21-526 to claim an Aid and Attendance benefit. My [relative] is a veteran of the U.S. Army. I am requesting that due to her age (87) this claim be expedited. For filing purposes, her Social Security number is ___________.

    Thank you for expediting this claim.

    Signed with my name and address and telephone number.

    We received a decision one month after I sent this fax. I do think it helped. Generally, I make it a practice to call the 800 number or any other VA number that I've been given to check on the status of an application once a month. I make notes of when I called and any reply I received. Good luck to you, Tia
  4. Isher

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    FOLLOW UP:Re: Checking on Status of Claim

    Follow up: 9 months since filing and the latest development is an appointment at the Regional VA Medical Center for a "Compensation or Pension exam" in about a week which is a 2 hour drive (one way). Dad's health has deteriorated with dementia, he's wheelchair bound with orthopedic problems, incontinence and now pneumonia and heart failure where he's barely conscience and I have no idea how to get him to his appointment. I called and talked to the VA Medical Center Coordinator and they said if he doesn't show up they'll deny his claim. When he's conscience he's agitated and combative and it dangerous to drive very far with him in the car. 4 hours drive time and 3 hours for the exam is a long day and as his caregiver I think the long ordeal may threaten his life. Does anyone have any suggestions what to do?

    As we encounter one delaying obstacle after another my opinion of the VA is plummeting. Dad served on a destroyer that was nearly sunk by a kamikaze attack in the invasion of Okinawa, he deserves more respect than he's currently receiving.

    Thanks in advance for your help (BTW TIA = thanks in advance :)
  5. jpez

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    Did you submit the 21-2680 Doctor form for Permanet A&A? Was it very ledgible? Given the conditions you are describing, a 21-2680 should have addressed these clearly.
    I have done quite a few applicaltion and have never had an exam scheduled.
    I don't believe you are required to go to the VA for an exam, you just need to have 21-2680 filled out.
    Also did you clearly request ONLY Pension. Both PENSION and COMPENSATION have A&A rating.
  6. Isher

    Isher Newbie

    No, didn't know that form existed. I have downloaded 21-2680 and will try to learn everything there is to know about it by sunrise. Can Dad's private physician fill it out? Not sure about selecting "only pension", what form is that on?

    This forum is a great help, I regret I found it after filing Dad's claim. I depended on our county Veteran Service Officer who has been a great help but very busy.
  7. jpez

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    on page one of the 21-526 application, at the top, you check which you are applying for.

    PLEASE read the posts on the 2680. you can file most of it uot, NEATLY, yes private doc can sign.
    If it;s filled in they sign it faster.
    Send it priority mail w/ proof of del (bright green sticker at uspo)
  8. Isher

    Isher Newbie

    Got an OK to submit a 21-2680 instead of an "in person" exam and we have an appointment for an exam with Dad's Dr. QUESTION: Should I print out the 21-2680 on a single sheet (front & back) or two sheets?
  9. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    However it prints out for you is fine. If 2 pages, just make sure you have it stapled securely.
  10. jpez

    jpez Full Member

    I always print on single side for all paperwork submited.
  11. Isher

    Isher Newbie

    It's been about a year since we filed Dad's claim. They say it's in "Rating" and could be another 6 months or more. The bad news is Dad is in a nursing home now and the nursing home claim they will get any VA back payments and if he requires medicade they will claim his back payments even though I've devoted the last 5 years of my life and used my retirement savings for his care. We also created a personal care agreement and kept monthly time sheets with a running total which now seems worthless. Yes, I've consulted a lawyer, he say's I'm screwed.

    So, from my perspective the AA benefit is a joke that only fooled me into doing the Government's job for free, I feel like such a patsy. Other family members learn from my mistakes and beware.

    Isher (Looks like cat food for me in my retirement)
  12. vetadmin

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    I'm checking on something for you. This is ridicolous. Not to put the cart before the horse, but after 6-7 months, you should have contacted your Senator and got them involved. There is NO reason or excuse for the VA to take 18 months on an award of a simple pension.

    I'm sorry for you, and hope I can come back with some additional info or insights.
  13. vetadmin

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    What state is your dad in?
  14. Isher

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  15. Fit2009

    Fit2009 Sr. Member

    Hello Isher,
    This link may (or may not) help you. In my VERY quick read of it
    The portion of the award from before he was on medicaid should not be counted as income by medicaid - after medicaid, it is theirs.
    So, if not income there is still the asset hurdle to pass - my (again very quick) read would be if you have appropriate documentation that the amounts owed to you (or others) relate to the months that are prior to his being on medicaid that you have a very good argument for keeping those monies - you would want to get them out of his name in the month of receipt - not that I saw that as an Arkansas regulation in revewing this, but that is a common regulalation, that the assets must be below $2,000 by the end of the month, end of the next month after receipt etc - since I didn't see it I would assume the most draconian to cover myself. :eek:
  16. Isher

    Isher Newbie

    Ok, lots of good reading there, a brief overview shows some guidelines for Aid and Attendance. I will parse the applicable sections and see if there's some hope.

    This is very helpful and very much appreciated.
    P.S. Lawyers don't seem to know much about A&A
  17. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    This should give you grounds to stand on and have something to push back with.

    Thank you Fit2009 for researching this and stepping in here.
  18. Isher

    Isher Newbie

    Dad finally got an award letter for A&A, it took 14 months. Looks like several more months before he gets the back payment because they need to appoint a fiduciary. Still not sure what will happen to the back payment if he has to stay in the nursing home and goes on Medicaid.

    Thanks to everyone for the help and posting their experiences.
  19. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    So glad to hear this news for you! Congratulations, and happy that we could be a part of this process for you.

    The Fiduciary process can take quite a while, but in the event there is a true financial hardship, you can "request" an appointment. There are only a certain number of Field Agents who do these interviews, so depending on what city, state, and the number of agents in your area may add to the delay.

    Hopefully you he will be able to see all that he is entitled to.

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