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    My mother who is 93 years old is residing in a retirement/assisted living community in a city in Texas. At this time, she has decided to return home since she does not like the facility anymore plus my younger sister who lives close by is not readily available for her since she has two jobs. At this time, she has been receiving A&A assistance while living at the retirement/assisted living community. I called the local veteran's office and asked about the process of moving her back and he did not answer my question. I need to know what the process involves and if I need to submit any paperwork to the veteran's indicating the move.
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    Alma, if she will still be paying for care then you will just submit a Statement in Support of Claim form 21-4138 with any supporting bank statements or other documents showing her adjustment in how much she is paying per month in care. If she will no longer be paying for care at all, her A&A benefit will likely go down to $0 per month unless she starts paying for care again, in which case it can be adjusted. Just let the VA know of any adjustments in the amount of care she is paying for.

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