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    I am so close to sending out the application package but the question of acceptable certification of discharge papers is nagging me to the point of just going ahead and requesting a certified copy from the VA archives. I had a bank notary write on the bottom of a copy of the WD AGO Form 53-55: "I [the notary] certify that this is a true and correct copy of a document in the possession of (applicants name)." She used her stamp.
    I just read out on the internet, the following:While not always enforced, the VA manual requires that every aid and attendance application include a raised seal, certified copy of the veteran’s discharge papers.
    As indicated, the notary did not use a raised seal but rather her stamp(her name, notary public State of X; my appointment expires(date).
    Is this going to be a problem ? [I'm going to go back and see if she can add a raised/embossed seal(but maybe this state doesn't require its notaries to use/have them so she may not have one).]
    Advice please ? Thank you!
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    You are fine with the one you have that is notarized.

    Good luck with the process. Mail Return Receipt, and keep a complete copy for your records. Locate the correct Maintenance Pension Center for the applicant's state, which you can find here under the tab Tips and Resources.

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