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    My dad kept his original discharge papers (for both WWII and the Korean Conflict). They look like they are on fragile parchment paper and have a stamp on the back. He also has copies of these papers. Do you suggest I still request a "certified" copy of these papers or should I send the originals? I hate to give these up! We are in a battle against time...my dad is under Hospice care.
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    Nevermind! I went to the County Clerk and got a certified copy of his WWII discharge papers. He never did register his Korean Conflict papers with the clerk, so the woman there suggested that I still just make a copy of them and send them along. Both tours were within the specified dates for wartime.
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    My understanding is that they have to be certified copies. I don't want to give up the original either! I'm glad you found them there, that was a lot quicker than requesting copies.
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    great info
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    If you have a VA Regional office close to you they will make "certified copies" as well.
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