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    Over several weeks I tried to start the process but gave up. I spent many days and hours researching and looking up the paperwork, etc. I need financial assistance to put my mom in assisted living but she has to be there already before you can claim this as a expense. CATCH 22 - One would not be requesting assistance if they could already pay. I'm sure I am not the only one in this situation. My mom will be 90 years old and from all of the horror stories I can't take the chance of draining my savings to put her in a assisted living and then they either deny me or take a year to come through. I don't have enough money to last more than 6 months, so this process won't help at all. Thanks for the suggestions and advice but I am giving up on ever getting anything from the VA. What a shame how this country treats veterans.
    Good luck to anyone starting the process and I wish you the best in getting benefits.
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    It truly saddens me that you are giving up. I know this process can be so overwhelming, but I do believe that all the support and resources you need are here.

    There are other ways to create expenses without having to go to the ALF. She could pay you or an outside agency that would be much less in the way of costs, which would allow her to have expenses to bring her countable income down to qualify without having to drain your finances.

    If her situation changes and you have not choice to place her, you would at least be able to file back on accrued portions for reimbursement to you.

    I know this could not have been an easy decision, and regret that circumstances have proven to be too much for you.

    You are correct in that this process should not take the time it does, and that there should be an easier way for veterans and their widows when they are in the their time of need to have access to this resource.
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    Thanks for your concern and reply and I have some updated news. I found a facility that is 1 hour away from me that will accept a little above what my mom gets in social security. She is going to be placed there in April. Now that this is something I can afford while I wait on the approval process, my question is concerning the countable income. Her only income is social security, and she has no assets. Her costs will exceed what her income is, leaving a negative number so on the application do I put zero as her countable income?

    Based on that would she be entitled to full benefits? My hope is that she does qualify for full benefits, so I can move her closer to me and be able to pay the $2,000 dollars which is the minimum cost for assisted living in my area.

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    Just report her SSA as her only income. Put zeros through everything else.

    Use the VA Form 21-534EZ to apply. Include a copy of the death certificate and a VA Form 21-0779. On the 21-0779, make sure to include the monthly rate, the admission date, and the facility phone number. You will also need a VA Form 21-2680.

    That's all you need. If you want to explain the expenses>income situation, just add a note in the remarks section of the 21-534EZ stating that you are loaning the money to your mother. Loans are not countable income for VA purposes.
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    Thank you for your response but I am a little confused. What is the difference between form 21-534 and 21-534EZ - This is the first time I am hearing about the EZ form. Is that the best one to use for my mom's situation? Also Form 21-0779 is for a nursing home, and she isn't being put in a nursing home, it is a Assisted Living, so I don't believe I should use that form, correct?? Also is Form 21-2680 the Physician Statement that was part of form 21-534? Just trying to make sure I understand what is needed so there are no hold ups. Thank you,

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