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    My question is, my mother in law is currently getting home care from my wife who is the primary caregiver. Should this form be filled out once there is an agreement with an assisted living facility? Or does it matter? I refer to the boxes where you fill in the amount that the claimant is responsible for out of pocket each month, and the amount expected out of pocket for the next 12 months. Does the VA also use this form to see that expected expenses are greater than current income, or not? In other words, are expense amounts on this form expected to match amounts under medical expenses? Or are they only looking at the current care situation on this form? I don't want there to be a discrepancy in amounts.
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    Your MIL would have to be paying your wife currently to have an expense to claim. If she is not paying her, then you would have to wait until she is in the ALF and can show an expense for care.

    The VA does NOT factor in anticipated or future expenses. Application approval is based strictly on current and reoccurring expenses for care.
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    Thank you. So when she gets to an ALF, she would be responsible each month for the cost of living at the ALF. Thus the amount in the 'amount claimant is responsible for each month' would be the cost of living at the ALF each month. The next box, 'amount claimant is expected to pay out of pocket in the next 12 months' would be the monthly amount x 12 then. I hope that is correct for this form. Sorry I was not more specific earlier.
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    Since this is a "needs based" pension, yes the VA is looking to see the applicant financially needs this benefit in order to pay for care, and yes you claim the costs of the ALF and other allowable expenses.

    Do not forget to get a completed "Statement of Occupancy" from the facility to include in your application packet.

    Yes, based on the current amount being spent, you would indicate that same amount for the next 12 months.

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